Sound Of Music Reviews. Xs Entertainment, Absolute Theatre, and Otaku

Sound Of Music Reviews. Xs Entertainment, Absolute Theatre, and Otaku



The Sound of Music | XS Entertainment

The children’s scenes are all absolutely gorgeous, filled with pure joy, and overflowing with cuteness. On opening night they are Luke Harrison (Friedrich), Sophie Moman (Louisa), Sam Green (Kurt), Emma Cobb (Brigitta), Amelia Ayris (Marta) and Dana Weaver (Gretl). They are beautifully rehearsed by Children’s Director, Jonny Bowles, who has wisely allowed individual personalities to shine through, which gives the newly choreographed Do-Re-Mi a vibrant new look and feel (it’s been lifted to Supercalifragilistic level!). Given that the children are re-cast in each city, Bowles has an extraordinary gift.


Review – The Sound of Music: revitalised | Absolute Theatre…/Review-–-The-Sound-of-Music-revitalised

The younger children, played on the night by Luke Harrison (Frederich), Sophie Morman (Louisa), Sam Green (Kurt), Emma Louise Cobb (Brigitta), Amelia Ayris (Marta), and Dana Weaver (Gretyl), were superb, a truly professional bunch of young actors.

There was nothing cloying about those kids.

The Sound of Music @ QPAC | Stage Musical Review | The Otaku’s … › The Theatre Sphere

Then we have the von Trapp children. The seven children I watched perform on stage during opening night were brilliant and managed to deliver their roles very well. While I assume the quality is consistently high across the other two groups of children, I feel that Stephanie Jones (Leisl), Luke Harrison (Frederich), Sophie Moman (Louisa), Sam Green (Kurt), Emma Louise Cobb (Brigitta) and Amelia Ayris (Marta) all deserve a special mention. An even greater special mention must go to Dana Weaver as Gretyl, simply because I cannot imagine performing infront of thousands of people as an adult… let alone when I was just seven years ago. Watching these youth and Amy Lehpamer perform Do-Re-Mi was a highlight of the night for me.

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