Review: “Nothing Left to Lose” – Luke Harrison

“Said that you have had enough.” With these words, Harrison invites the reader to witness the dismantling of this relationship.

Keiunna Thompson, JUN 21

“Said that you have had enough.” With these words, Harrison invites the reader to witness the dismantling of this relationship. “Nothing Left to Lose” is Harrison’s latest project and a heartfelt analysis at a previous relationship and its impact on his life. Harrison’s memory of the relationship is a fond memory, and Harrison sings of his life basically revolving around his partner. “I’ve got no hand to hold now.” Harrison explains the emptiness he now feels without his love, in both the literal and figurative sense. He no longer has a “person” and is now trying to navigate life on the other side of the romance.

“I know I should let you move on.” The pain of trying to hold onto someone who doesn’t want the same is something everyone can relate to in life at one point or another. The rejection may hurt, but it’s much worse to cling to them for dear life as they try to desperately escape from you. “Nothing Left To Lose’ is described as “an up-tempo pop ballad about the heartbreak experienced at the end of a relationship.” Divulging more, Harrison annotates “It talks about losing someone close to you and the pain and emotion leaving you to feel like there is “Nothing Left To Lose””. On the one hand, having “nothing left to lose” can be liberating because nothing holds you back in life and so it can have a positive spin on it. However, there is also the less positive spin on it as it can be depressing having “nothing left to lose.” It’s feeling as though you’re completely bereft of all human qualities, a shell of the person you once were. Breakups can certainly make one feel that way. Harrison noted explaining another aspect of the song, “The song also demonstrates how important the people closest to us are and often we don’t realise this until we lose them. Every moment counts so we need to treasure them.” Yes, a hurrah for all of the important people in our lives. Be sure to let the people who mean the most to you know that they mean the most to you. Tomorrow isn’t promised, life is precious and those close to us make it all the more delightful. Here’s to having much to lose and being appreciative for it all.

19- year-old Luke Harrison is an Australian multi-instrumentalist. Harrison’s “ultimate goal” is said to be “to unite people worldwide with his music, acting and performing.” Luke’s main musical styling is that of pop music. His online presence is full of adoring fans with his Instagram currently at 24,000 followers, his Facebook at 5,200 followers, his Tik Tok at 8.155 followers, his Spotify at 5,864 monthly listeners, and his YouTube at 2,640 subscribers. “Nothing Left to Lose” is Harrison’s latest offering which showcases one of his many talents, as a singer. As a mutli-instrumentalist, Harrison plays the drums, piano, and percussion. Harrision is described as “a gifted singer, songwriter, performer, and actor. Harrison is a creative to look out for as he expresses himself through many mediums. If “Nothing Left to Lose” has you wanting to hear more of Harrison’s songs, give him a follow on all of his socials below!

Written By Keiunna Thompson

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